Joel Bardolet

A personal vision

The violinist from Vic, Joel Bardolet, is a singular musician. With clear skills and exultant musicality, his particular way of approaching key works from the international repertoire has earned him a prominent place in the current panorama of central European orchestras and chamber ensembles, with whom he collaborates on a regular basis, both as concertmaster and soloist.

His unusual interpretative permeability has led to the choice of some very carefully constructed programmes in collaboration with musicians who allow him to work strongly in favour of rhythmic intention, phrasing and sound compactness. Bardolet’s style is assertive but not finalistic; he addresses the listener, asking them questions with the aim of establishing a personal dialogue and creating an accomplice. In short, he acts as participant in the artistic and creative process.

Joel Bardolet brings a fresh and very musical vision, with a touch of fantasy in a context based –excessively- on orthodoxy. His solid criteria, the result of expertise acquired in Catalonia, Germany and Switzerland, appears to be suggestive of a renewing effect. The voice of the violin. A voice, its own exceptional voice. 

Beyond the music play, explored the limits of communication and claimed all the elements involved in the process, from breathing to silence.

Marta Trill — Revista Musical Catalana


13 May
Orquestra Simfònica Camera Musicae
Palau de la Música Catalana · Sala de concerts (c/ Palau de la Música, 4-6, 08003 Barcelona)

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