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The human tree is the title of the first album by the accordionist from Ribera de Cardós Roser Gabriel Pla. Trained in Catalonia and Finland, this work reflects Gabriel's master's thesis in world music at the prestigious Sibelius - Akatemia in Helsinki, and mixes aesthetics and sounds, always with the chromatic accordion as the protagonist and a reaction. background on our relationship with nature and the environment. A Pyrenean project with luxury collaborations that has had the support of the Dansàneu festival, National Culture Award 2021.

Roser Gabriel writes: “The human tree it has been created by an exchange of seeds from one forest to another, from one culture to another. Like the bird that plants a seed at random, we also want to maintain an exhilarating and spontaneous spirit in our creations. Just as the trees do, we also help each other and create together from the cooperation. The project has been inspired by Nepal, created in Finland, revised and recorded in Catalonia, always rooted in the Pyrenees ”.

Roser Gabriel, accordion, Tibetan bowls, voices and compositions
Elena Tarrats, main voice
Ana Amorós López, voices and sound pottery
Carles Camps, guitar and crossbeam
Gerard Avellaneda, bass and double bass
Mario G. Cortizo, percussion
Lewis Blakely, you see
Babish Limbu, see track poem 8
Annukka Junkkila, Lo-Fi track 6



  1. PLANT (Seeds) 0:46
  2. ROOTS 6:56
  3. GROWTH (Stages of growth) 11:33
  4. DI-SONAR (Amaamà) 4:22
  5. RESONATE (Once you realize) 3:58
  6. TO DONATE (Linnunlaulupuu) 6:04
  7. THE FRUITS (A harvest of wishes) 8:13
  8. THE SONG OF BIRDS (Coal fi re) 5:02