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This album was born from the desire to know oneself, to show what I am and to seek the path I want to follow, expressing it musically from an honest and transparent vision.


Òscar Latorre discovered the trumpet at the age of 6 and since then he has not put it down. He currently resides in Basel and is part of the prestigious Focusyear 20 program at the city’s Jazz campus, where he has shared great musical experiences with internationally recognized musicians such as Jorge Rossy, Guillermo Klein, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Wolfgang Muthspiel and many others. In this new album, Latorre reflects on a time of change and learning. He does so with music influenced by jazz, but also by contemporary and popular music, with determined compositions such as “Re-encounter”; atmospheric numbers like, “Delusion”; and airy songs like, “Overcome.”

Òscar Latorre, trumpet
Jean-Lou Treboux, vibraphone
Sebastián de Urquiza, double bass
Jordi Pallarés, battery

Collaborations: Francesca Gaza (vocals) Iannis Obiols (piano and synthesizer) Paulo Almeida (drums), Devin Daniels (alto saxophone) | Music by Òscar Latorre | Produced by Òscar Latorre | Recorded by Daniel Somaroo in Basel on 30 and 31 July 2020 | Mixed and mastered by Quim Kato Puigtió | Photos and videos by Alex Ventling | Collection design: Toormix


  1. Rhine's Flow - 6:34
  2. Delusion - 9:16
  3. Balance - 6:55
  4. Caught Up In My Fears - 5:33
  5. (I) Surrender - 7:12
  6. Liberation - 4:49
  7. Reencounter - 7:02
  8. Overcome - 4:53