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DESCRIPTION SPOTIFY_Martín Leiton double bass_photo by Adriano Galante
Toni Saigi and Andreu Pitarch by Sílvia Poch
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With each and every note of his double bass, Martin Leiton reveals stories of jazz and Latin American folk music. After several years of touring since the creation of the quartet that he leads, Leiton continues to consolidate his project with his fifth album, 'Caravana,' to be released between spring and autumn of 2023. The quartet of Santi de la Rubia, Toni Saigi, Andreu Pitarch and Martín Leiton, demonstrate just how extraordinary they are when their talents combine. Inspired by jazz greats like Thelonious Monk, Wayne Shorter, and Duke Ellington, the new album from Leiton manages to pay tribute while adding Latin American music with Gnawa and Tuareg rhythms and melodies to these indisputable influences. Just one more detail that gives personality and power to the Martín Leiton Quartet.

The Martín Leiton Quartet comes up from the Barcelona jazz scene. The quartet includes Martín Leiton (double bass), Santi de la Rubia (sax), Toni Saigi (piano) and Andreu Pitarch (drums). Leiton graduated in Jazz and Modern Music from the Conservatorio Superior del Liceo in Barcelona but is self-taught in his initial training. Leiton is a multi-instrumentalist and singer and has been trained in different styles: from Latin American folk to jazz to American Black music to flamenco. He is currently a professor at the Taller de Músicos in Barcelona. He has released four albums as the quartet leader: Medium (96k Music, 2011), Poetry of Sound (Underpool Records, 2015), Inevitable (Blue Sounds, 2017) and Desde abajo (RASO, 2021). His early and fruitful professional career has allowed him to play with Jeff Ballard, Dave Kikoski, Kenny Werner, Perico Sambeat, Albert Bover, Jorge Pardo or Chano Domínguez, among others, and has toured with Jorge Drexler, Niña Pastori, Juan Perro, Mala Rodríguez, Lucia Fumero, Julia Colom, etc.

Martín Leiton (double bass)
Santi de la Rubia (tenor sax)
Tony Saigi (piano)
Andreu Pitarch (drums)

Victor Carrascosa (trumpet, track 3 'Lío')

Jordi Matas i Martín Leiton, music production
Jordi Matas, mix
Victor Garcia, mastering
Recorded at El Local studio (Vilablareix), in February 2023



  1. Upstairs [04:49]
  2. Friendship [07:44]
  3. Lío [07:20]
  4. Tuareg [04:17]
  5. Gimbri [04:00]
  6. Old Devil Moon [06:49]
  7. Sleepy [07:14]
  8. Su vida [05:26]


Much groove, very remarkable melodies and best of all, contagious joy. But there are also colors from North Africa - Tuareg, Gimbri - perfectly integrated into the language of jazz. Honest, direct and radiant. El Periódico