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It's been twenty years since Blai Casals yen Manu Sabaté they met at the Camps for Young Folk Performers of the Pyrenees, in Arsèguel, and on the last day they asked each other: "Do you want to form a group with me?". Twenty years later, both musicians have decided to take advantage of this ephemeris to do a little retrospect of the journey they have lived so far. First alone, then with La Mata Negra (accompanied by a rhythmic base of bass, electric guitar and drums); later alone again, but with Blai adding the hype and the talks (as the old accordionists of the Pyrenees used to do) and, finally, with Morena, the trio of tradipatchanga who form with Heura Gaya and La gravityt de Coulomb, stable trio they form with the flabiolaire Pau Benítez. The album we present, ics ics, celebrates the joy of living and the traveling companions known and lived so far. Congratulations and to twenty more years of music together!

Blai Casals: diatonic and symmetrical accordion, electronic accordion synthesizer, bass drum and talks
Manu Sabaté: bass clarinet, Bb and A flutes, tenor and effects
Instagram: @casalssabate

Pau Benítez, flabiol and tambourines a home
Gay ivy, see a small feet i Ratafia
Boris Pi, battery a Landrellec de Vic i pirates
Pau Barbet, electric guitar a Landrellec de Vic i pirates
John Thomas, electric bass a Landrellec de Vic i pirates

Recorded at Estudis So.Cat by Pau Vinyoles
Audio editions: Arnau Burdó
Mixing: Pau Vinyoles; Master: Jan Valls


  1. birthday
  2. oil
  3. The abduction of the contrapass
  4. They will scold him
  5. Memories of that young man
  6. home
  7. Little feet
  8. Ratafia
  9. pirates
  10. Landrellec de Vic