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Instrumental, chamberly worked, a bit improvised, orchestrally aimed music

Composer and pianist Néstor Giménez leads and presents Tetralogy (Seed Jazz 003), a quartet album that sounds like a "pocket orchestra" and transports us to two stimulating universes. This is chamber jazz: instrumental music, meticulously crafted, a bit improvised and with an orchestral spirit, performed by four musicians with a well-established career and closely linked to the current music scene. ‘Tetralogy’ reviews two original music suites inspired by the cinematic tetralogies of Mad Max and Indiana Jones. This new project is a further step in the desire to investigate the ideas of composition in classical and contemporary music transported to the world of jazz and improvisation.

Jaume Guri, violin
Gabriel Amargant, clarinet
Adrià Plana, guitar
Néstor Giménez, composition and piano


Suite I: La llegenda de Henry Jones Jr.
1. L'arca de l'aliança (5:46)
2. El maharajà del palau de Pankot (5:38)
3. El calze de Crist (5:52)
4. Les línies de Nazca (5:26)

Suite II: La llegenda de Max el boig
5. La fina línia del deliri (4:28)
6. El cowboy de la carretera (4:49)
7. Negociutat (6:25)
8. La carretera de la còlera (5:00)