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by Manu Sabaté

I inhale, bring it to my mouth, line my lips and wrap it. I leave my mind blank and as I listen to what is happening around me, I blow while looking for that note that merges in perfect harmony with the other four members of the group, looking for the moment when I become part of the whole and everything makes sense to what I am doing.

I am in love with traditional music, he has always accompanied me and I think he will always do it but I still needed to get out of it, discover myself as a creator and try to do something different, not to remember anything and at the same time make you think of everything, from here but also from there, endowed with a more important artistic dimension than its “patrimonial” aspect, from a deep and transgressive respect at the same time and, above all, that would not leave anyone indifferent. .

There are already three. All (all), kind (type) i out (out) of the trad or of tradition; each different and each one an x-ray of myself. Fear not: open your heart and ears and enjoy it without prejudice.


1. Mar petit

2. Apina

3. Catenària

4. Sr. Canons

5. Erra4

6. Pubilla (BP)

7. Pubilla (R)

8. El Farsant

9. Retoch d’oració