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"Locus Amoenus it wanted to be the friendly place where traditional dance dialogued, played and experimented with contemporaneity. Sergi Vergés quickly understood and shared what was bubbling in my head. He has created a perfect soundtrack so that Esbart Català de Dansaires can dance the traditional dance as it was collected by the folklorists, with the rigor that his temperament and that of Anna Bigas (dance teacher) always show, and the time for Jacob Gómez (the choreographer) to experiment with the future contemporary dancers studying at the Oriol Martorell Art Institute."

The Rufaca Folk Jazz Orchestra, the roots big band created by the composer, arranger and trombonist Sergi Vergés, which is characterized by mixing the sound of a traditional big band with the Pyrenean melodies performed by the musicians of the Escola Folk del Pirineu, has recorded a second album focused on the traditional dances of the Pyrenees. That's why Locus Amoenus it has been possible thanks to the impetus and complicity of Esbart Català de Dansaires, an organization that has produced the stage project linked to the album and that has choreographed the dances recorded on this album, with the intention of bringing them to the stage.

Disc credits:

The band:
Magalí Sare, voice and flute
Ivan Garriga, violin
Liv Hallum, diatonic accordion
Ivan Caro, dry flabiol and tambourine,
sweet jackdaw, ocarina, Aranese bot
Joan Gómez, flabiol and tambourine, flute, flute in G
Jordi Molina, tenor
Joan Mas, alto (lead), soprano, flute
Martín Díaz, alto, soprano, flute
César del Val, tenor, soprano, flute
Martí Mitjavila, tenor, clarinet, bass clarinet
Alba Esteban, baritone, clarinet
Pep Garau, trumpet (lead), flugel
Jaume Peña, trumpet, flugel
Pol Omedes, trumpet, flugel
Oriol Vallès, trumpet, flugel
Albert Costa, trombone (lead)
Pablo Martín, trombone
Edgar Gómez, trombone
Joan Codina, tenor and bass trombone
Darío García, bass trombone, tuba
Iago Aguado, guitar
Joan Claver, piano, keyboard
Jordi Gaspar, double bass,
electric bass, acoustic bass
Enric Fuster, drums
Carlos Sagi, drums, percussion
José Carlos Cubas, percussion
Roger Gutiérrez, drummer injured but present ;-)

The team:
Sergi Vergés, arrangements and direction
David Casamitjana, music producer
Joan Gómez, idea and artistic production
Marc Sangés, recording technician
Albert Surià, technical support
Esbart Català de Dansaires, executive production

Recorded in Òrrius (El Maresme), as part of the Music and Sensations festival. Mixed by David Casamitjana, Sergi Vergés and Joan Gómez at Espai Sonor Montoliu (Montoliu de Segarra, Lleida).


1. Opening · Start touch [01:53]
Popular/Jordi Fabregas

2. The Hereu Riera [04:42]

3. Cerdà de Bagà dance [07:39]
Popular | solos: Jordi Gaspar (acoustic bass), Martí Mitjavila (bass clarinet)

4. La Bolangera de Roses [02:59]

5. Glossary of the Ballet of God [04:50]
Popular/Antoni Català | solos: Jordi Molina (tenor), Jose Carlos Cubas (congas)

6. Flat dance of Lladurs [08:31]
Popular | solos: Pablo Martín, Joan Codina (trombones), Martí Mitjavila (clarinet)

7. Eth Balhano of Salardú [05:36]
Popular | solos: Joan Mas (alto)

8. Song of picking olives [05:32]
Popular | solos: Martín Díaz (soprano)

9. L'Espolsada de Mataró [05:18]
Popular | solos: César del Val (tenor), Pol Omedes (trumpet)

10. The Clove Tree [04:31]
Popular | solos: Iago Aguado (guitar)

11. Jota de Pinell del Brai [04:20]
Popular | solos: Oriol Vallès (trumpet)

12. Corrandes de la Cerdanya [02:47]