Marc Heredia Joel Bardolet
Bardolet i Heredia


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< <marmòria compenetració entre els dos intèrprets [...] intèrprets from home of an extraordinary artistic result, which was not only evident on stage, but also in the attentive listening of an audience >> Bernat Dedéu, El Temps

The violinist from Vic, Joel Bardolet, and the pianist Marc Heredia they are two of the most artistic Catalan musicians of their generation. The dialogue between this duo of performers and friends brings together great influences: Ferenc Rados, Rainer Schmidt and Claudio Martínez, among others, and a high level of complicity shown on various stages in recent years. Recently, the duo has worked on works of great relevance for violin and piano, including sonatas by Brahms, Schubert, Bartók and Franck. Joel Bardolet from Vigo has been a friend and professional partner of Marc Heredia for years, with whom he shares another musical project, the Trio Fortuny.