Joel Bardolet_Foto Pau Codina
Joel Bardolet foto Pau Codina
Joel Bardolet_Foto Pau Codina
JOEL BARDOLET_Picture Pau Codina
Joel Bardolet_Picture Pau Codina
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"Beyond reproducing the score, he explored the limits of communication and vindicated all the elements involved in the process, from breathing to silence."

A personal vision

Vigo violinist Joel Bardolet is a unique musician. With obvious aptitudes and exultant musicality, his particular way of approaching key works from the universal repertoire has earned him a prominent place in the current panorama of Central European orchestras and chamber ensembles, with which he regularly collaborates, either as a concertino or as a soloist.

His unusual interpretive porosity translates into the choice of carefully modeled programs, in collaboration with musicians that allow him to work rigorously in favor of rhythmic intentionality, phrasing and sound compacting. Bardolet's style is purposeful, not finalist: it challenges the listener and asks him questions with the desire to establish a personal and complicit dialogue. In short, it makes him part of the artistic and creative process.

Joel Bardolet brings a fresh look, very musical and with a point of fantasy in a context based -excessively- on orthodoxy. His solid criteria, the result of his master's degree in Catalonia, Germany and Switzerland, can be seen as suggestive, with a renewing effect. The voice of the violin. A voice, his, exceptional.