Trio Fortuny by Marta Mas Gironès
Trio Fortuny a La Nit by Marta Mas Gironès
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Trio Fortuny by Marta Mas Gironès (2)
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“Tres solistes que, amb tot el recorregut que tenen per davant, es poden convertir en una sòlida formació de cambra” 

"The Fortunys connect beyond the predictable and move by the tenuto and legato character of the melodic meanders phrased with neatness and expansiveness"
Albert Ferrer Flamerich, SABADELL NEWSPAPER

Trio Fortuny is born from the friendship between three musicians with intense activity all over Europe, either leading orchestras, performing as soloists or doing chamber music and other unique projects. Their individual experiences fuel each encounter and enrich the work of all their programs. Formed by violinist Joel Bardolet, cellist Pau Codina and pianist Marc Heredia, Trio Fortuny has consolidated its proposal by performing on the main Catalan stages and recording two albums in digital video format with works by Schubert and Brahms; and Beethoven, Shostakovich and Mendelssohn.

The dialogue between these three musicians exudes influences from Ferenc Rados, Rainer Schmidt, Claudio Martínez, Dmitri Bashkirov, Gary Hoffman and Jonathan Brown, among others. They have performed at different festivals such as the Wissembourg International Music Festival, Portaferrada, Temporada Ibercamera Girona, the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical, the Palau de la Música Catalana - where they will deploy their artistic residency for three seasons from 2023-2024-, L 'Auditori de Barcelona or the Bachcelona. 


May 7 · Program The Night
Palau de la Música Catalana

May 17 · Program The Night
Main Theater of Sabadell

May 19 · Program The Night
Girona Auditorium

July 4 · Program with Federica Porello
Tarragona, Summer Notes [TICKETS]

July 19 · Tchaikovsky and Magrané
Girona counties, we can say!

July 29 · Program The Night*
Ciutadella Music Festival
*(concert without dance)

August 1 · The Night Program
Snow Dance Festival [TICKETS]

August 5-8 · Various programs
Esbjerg International Chamber Music Festival, Denmark

October 14 · Beethoven, Beach and Tchaikovsky
Philharmonic Society of Concerts, Pontevedra

November 9 · Program The Night
The Atlantis of Vic

November 17 · Beethoven, Beach and Tchaikovsky
Cornellà de Llobregat [TICKETS]



The Night (with Mal Pelo dance company) [Catalan version]